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Comfortable Read-later Experience

FlowFerry handles almost every website perfectly. Enjoy a seamless reading experience without interruptions.

Simple Pricing



  • Basic web page saving
  • Unlimted local save
  • 2 times send per day
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  • Export to PDF
  • Export to HTML
  • Unlimted local save
  • Unlimted send per day
  • Priority support

Lifetime Pro


  • All Pro features
  • One-time payment
  • VIP support

Your Questions Answered.

FlowFerry helps you create offline version of almost any article on the Internet. You can read later, send to your knowledge database, or export offline file.

Yes, FlowFerry offers a limited free plan for everyone and you can enjoy the core feature without logging in or purchase.

FlowFerry offer an ideal solution for the first step of gathering gems from internet: It makes you own the content true. If you just bookmark the content you like, it may be unaccessible some day.

Yes! We offer a 20% discount to students and other members of academia. Just shoot us a quick email at flowferry_app@ygeeker.com letting us know you're a student before subscribing, and we'll send a 20% code to your account.